I found some pills my husband was takeing help me to know what they are?

Answer Cyclobenzaprine Hydrocholoride is Pliva 563.It is a muscle relaxant.The other is Zolpidem Tartrate.A sleeping pill.The benzoids are highly addictive and neither of these medications should be taken... Read More »

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I found 80 pink pills in my sons ?

I found two white pills with 512 on it in my brothers pants?

It's Oxycodone a very strong pain killer

Found a unlabeled bottle of pills in my daughters room?

From my experience in the medical field, SCD is an abbreviation for Spinocerebellar Degeneration, fatal terminal disease. The pills are likely to ease the pain, but usually the damage is irreversib... Read More »

What should i do, i found that my soon to be husband is cheating on me?

RUN, dont walk, RUN away from this man as fast as you can!!! Once a cheater, always a cheater. Have some respect for yourself and dont let someone treat you that way!!!! Even if you are alone for ... Read More »