I found out my dad was dead can i make the pain go away.?

Answer I am so sorry honey. There is nothing that can take that pain away. Grief is going to be intense for a little while..and then as the time goes on you will replace some of that with happy memories ... Read More »

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Where can the Dead Sea Scrolls be found today?

The Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem houses the Dead Sea Scrolls. Archaeologists found the first scrolls in caves near the Dead Sea in 1947. The scrolls, about 2,000 years old, ... Read More »

Is it ok to eat an animal I found dead on the road?

Disgusting why you would put it under this heading

I found a dead body in my backyard...what should i do?

so you go on yahoo for help?call the cops doorknob

Where was the Egyptian Book of the Dead found?

There is no single manuscript known as the Book of the Dead; instead, many copies of the book have lasted into modern times. Early in Egyptian civilization, the text was carved onto the outside of ... Read More »