I found an iPod Touch, and it has a password on it. Can anybody tell me how I can get into it?

Answer First, take it to the police station. If no one claims it, take it to An Apple store, and have them reformat it.

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You found an Ipod Touch and theres a password on it how do you take it off?

If you found an iPod Touch, you should turn it in to the local lost and found, but if there is none, then there's not too much you could do. You would have to restore the iPod through the user's a... Read More »

Ipod touch forgot password?

Use your ipod charger and plug it in to your laptop and restore it but here are some issuse it delets everything!!!

How do I reset my password for an iPod touch?

go to the app "settings" then go to "general" then go to passlock

How does the ipod touch wifi password look like?

Assuming you mean how you should enter it, they appear as dots. If you mean how to write one, if yours is WEP it is a combination of C-F and 0-9.