I found a computer with 3GB. Is that enough?

Answer Most computers ship with 1 or 2GB...3GB is amazingHe did ask if 3GB memory was enough...use your brain. Do you really think anybody would ship a computer with 3GB of Hard Drive space. If you though... Read More »

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Computer. what does 1GB ram mean and is that good enough for a seven year old?

It is the amount of memory and yes it should be enough.RAM is random accessible memory, it empties when you switch off, its a temporary store. Things you wish to save will be saved on disc. Without... Read More »

How to Fix a Computer With Not Enough Virtual Memory?

RAM or computer memory helps your computer load quickly and complete processes in a timely manner. When your computer runs low on memory, it runs much slower. Microsoft created a way to use a sm... Read More »

Why is it that most computer viruses are found on porn ?

That is old wives-tale....these puke kids here have no clue what they are talking about.Only about 2% of all porn sites contain malicious code that will attempt to compromise your co... Read More »

What is that television show with people in robotic suits where you found out that the pink one was a girl?