I found a bottle, is it alcohol?

Answer What is your age ? If you are a student, please study well, get settled in life. Alcohol is not good for health which is your wealth. Take care of both. good luck. please do not mistake me.

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Found pepsi cola bottle?

That's cool! Something antique, it could be more than 50 years old now.

Have you ever found any truth in "THE BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE"?

I love Porter but the only truth in the bottom of the bottle is that the bottle is that the bottle is empty.

How much alcohol is in a bottle of wine?

Wines vary in percentage of alcohol. In the United States, per federal definitions, wine must contain between 7 and 24 percent alcohol. Table wines contain between 7 and 14 percent; dessert wines, ... Read More »

How many shots in a bottle of alcohol?

A standard shot glass is 1.5 ounces, or about 45 milliliters, in volume. The average bottle of alcohol is 750 milliliters in volume. Therefore, a standard bottle of alcohol contains enough liquid f... Read More »