I found a Phone Is it stealing?

Answer umm your are steeling her minutes. i would call someone on her phonebook like a close friend of hers and say you "just" found it and don't know whose it is dumb

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How can I found out if someone is stealing my wireless bandwith?

Look at the log file on your router, it'll list the ip addresses of the machines that have used it. To find out your own ip address type ipconfig in a command prompt, do the same for any other mach... Read More »

How to prevent people stealing my new phone?

•Don't take it out or have it shown in public. •Don't put in your bag just in case if it gets stolen. •I suggest to put it in your pocket if its unnoticable and wont fall out.

When gave one of those quiz's mi vodaphone phone number its stealing all my money How do u stop it?

Yes there is a way to Downgrade your iPhone to 3.1.2 First: you must go to the website felixbruns you can find the proper firmware file for your device.Then you must download the file and depending... Read More »

If you found a phone would you turn it in?

The owners name and number (maybe under "home") should be in it. Call and return the phone. It will make you feel good and the owner will be grateful. Do something right.