I found 80 pink pills in my sons ?

Answer viagra ,

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I found this pill in my sons room?

Sounds like ecstcy to me,they are very dangerous i'd get his *** in there to do some explaining!These pills can be leathal, many people have died through taking these. chick out these links for som... Read More »

Worried mum has found blue tablets in sons bedroom can anyone help to identify them please!!!!!?

When do you use the last seven pink pills on birth control?

You begin using the last seven pills in a birth control pack on the 22nd day of the 28-day cycle established by the contraceptive. These pills are known as "reminder pills, and they are used to cou... Read More »

Which episode in csi miami or castle I am not sure was a mother murdered by the nanny who became the stepmother and the team found out through the sons paintings?