I forgot what brackets my rubber bands on my braces go on?

Answer first why did you take the rubber bands off? go to the dentist.

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I forgot which teeth I am supposed to have my rubber bands on?

I would suggest calling them up and asking them for some advice. Also search on the internet for 'braces with rubber bands' and you might recognize how she meant to put them on. Also, on the block ... Read More »

What do rubber bands do for braces?

They might be small, but rubber bands for braces have a large part to play in straightening teeth through orthodontics. Failure to use them properly will delay the day you can finally have your br... Read More »

Rubber bands on braces?

I just got rubber bands on my !?

A friend of mine was experiencing the same problem. The best thing is to rub them with orthodonic wax and if you have difficulty eating, stick to foods like mashed potatoes and pudding, and try to ... Read More »