I forgot my password to my computer! I am the only administrator! Please help!?

Answer Since you have Home edition of XP, consider yourself un f u c k e d. Turn on your computer, go into safe mode (press the F8 key on top of your keyboard). Select Safe Mode (either one, doesn't matte... Read More »

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I forgot my Windows XP Administrator password?

Plan A: “Administrator” UserThe “admin” method” is pretty straightforward. On many Windows XP systems, especially on the Home editions preconfigured by third-party OEM manufactures like D... Read More »

How to Find Your Computer Password If You Forgot?

Setting your computer with a password is a smart way to protect your private files, but if you forget that password you might find yourself locked out of your computer completely. Unfortunately, fi... Read More »

How to Log Onto a Computer If You Don't Have an Administrator Password?

When you attempt to log into a computer, you usually need a password of some type. Sometimes, you need an administrator password to log into your system. Other times, you can log on by other means.... Read More »

How to Get the Computer Administrator's Password?

The Windows administrator password is required to enter the administrator account on your Microsoft Windows operating system. If you have forgotten the password, then you will not be able to log in... Read More »