I forgot my passcode for my iPod touch?

Answer hold the power button and the control buuton until the apple shows on the screen than let go the power will reset your phone...

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What if i forgot my passcode to my ipod touch?

It seems like you will have to restore it which i have researched and seems to be the only way, this will sadly erase all content so if you are willing to put back your music/videos etc.. back, the... Read More »

My friend put a lock on my i-pod touch and she forgot the passcode what should i do?

Maybe ask her if she remember's ANY passcode she might of used. Or just reset it. I did that once lol. Good Luck :3

How do you get into your ipod if you forgot your passcode?

Okay there are two things you can do.... You can take it to the apple store or you have to restart it and you lose everything unless you backed it up. That has happened to me like two times already!

How do you know your passcode for your iPod touch?

From the main menu, select Settings, then Volume Limit. If a code was previously entered (to prevent the limit from being changed), you need to enter the code. Then you can change the limit. If ... Read More »