I forget my mobile security password My mobile is Samsung GT-S3850 what I do?

Answer use a password you can remember.

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Can you take a sim card out of a T-mobile motorola phone and use it in a T-mobile Samsung phone?

yes, as long as the sim card fits you can do it- i have

How is picture quality of Karbonn titanium s5 mobile compare to the Samsung Grand mobile's picture quality?

Well the Samsung Grand is an awesome phone with an 8mp camera and zero shutter lag the best camera I've ever seen in phones at a low price. Well the answer is samsung grand camera quality is way be... Read More »

Can you change samsung corby 2 s3850 os into android?

No. Because Samsung Corby 2 is not compatible for Android.

Samsung Galaxy S3 T-Mobile?

T-Mobile will charge a subscriber with NO discounts a total MSRP of $600 for the phone. Now, this is true for new subscribers, and customers with bad or "ok" credit. I can't speak for anyone else... Read More »