I find the flickering images in adverts really annoying - anyone else agree?

Answer Of course, everyone agrees. Just use AdBlock.

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Does anyone else find this annoying?

yeah well its a bastard, deal with it as we all have to

Does anyone else find typing in full capitals annoying?

i had my bike nicked today......but people writing in BLOODY capitals...

Does anyone else find google earth really scary!!?

IT'S NOT JUST ME!!!I think it's terrifying!I am just waiting to see a ghost or something, or see Big Foot :LI am soo sad but it really freaks me out, and I'm like'Cr@p, I can't get home!!' :(Ohhh e... Read More »

Does anyone else agree with me?

I notice that $*** too! Theyre every where. Parents letting their lil kids dress like that then wonder why they get pregnant at 15. It is sad and sick that a lot of kids are allowed to dress and ac... Read More »