I find that my dentures hurt when I eat rock - any tips?

Answer My teeth hurt when I eat rock let alone dentures!!!!

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Should partial dentures hurt and fit this badly Could the dentist be sued or asked for a refund?

All partials take time for the person to get adjusted. Often it takes 4-8 weeks to becoem fully adjustedAll teeth are slightly forward compared to usual--particularly in the front. This is done t... Read More »

Any tips for getting used to eating with dentures?

You probably need a temporary soft liner put in. Have the dentist check them and make needed adjustments and relines as needed. Also, it takes time for your mouth muscles to adapt to having the den... Read More »

Home Tips for Cleaning Dentures?

Dentures are as much a responsibility as your natural teeth. Proper care and cleaning can keep your dentures in shape and stain-free for years. While regular visits to your dentist helps tremendous... Read More »

How do you find the "best" looking dentures?

OK you little southern's what you do...Open your phone book Yellow Pages to where it say's "Dental Laboratories"...Call two to three that are near you...When the Lab answers ask to sp... Read More »