I figured out i have cancer and im really scared and im too scared to tell my parents. how should i tell them.?

Answer You probably DON'T have cancer. I assume you are young and over reacting. I use to think I had cancer at times when I was young, but there was always a very simple explanation for my imaginary diag... Read More »

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What do you do if your 15 and 10 weeks pregnant your boyfriend is 21 and your going to keep the baby he has a great well paying job and you have everything figured out but scared any advice?

Well, make sure you REALLY got it all figured out. Ask yourself "Do you really want to keep the baby?" and if you really do, you're going to fight for it, because come on, does age really matter at... Read More »

My uncle on my Dad's side just died of cancer Thursday. Now I'm scared because my mom has cancer too...?

Lord, hold this family, hold them in Your Arms,Ease this child's aching head and heart,as You send Holy Spirit Comforter into this placeOf heartbreak and confusion, send Your clarityand wisdom into... Read More »

Im scared i have cancer :S?

Wait to you see the doctor before you start thinking its cancerIts hard to tell what you have without a visualMy question to you >>> Why are you booked for a cancer check up Is it because of you sa... Read More »

I'm scared I have toe cancer. Someone PLEASE help?

That would be skin cancer if was cancer.We can’t see it from here. Have your doctor look at it if you are concerned. We can't know if it serious, we don't even know your age.Less than 1% occurs i... Read More »