I fell down my stares now my rist hurts im only 7?

Answer Good grief how did a 7 year old create her own avatar? Even knows how to ask questions!EDIT: People read this person's previous questions...we are all idiots

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I fell in gym and bruised my knee real bad. It was healing until I fell again and now its purple and it hurts.?

It sounds like you just rebruised it. A bruise is just blood under the skin. It's like a scab under the skin when healing. If you rip off a scab, what happens? It bleeds. The same thing a bruise is... Read More »

Fell and now stomach hurts?

I fell and now my lower leg hurts bad!?

sounds more musclees then bones go to a physio

Im on my roof and the latter fell down so i cant get back down. how can iget back down?

jump tuck and roll out of it had that happen to me once hurt like hell when i hit the ground and rolled though must not have landed right