I feel stupid for asking this?

Answer you shouldfeel stupid that is

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I feel really stupid asking this BUT...........................…?

You can still go into any developers and have them printed professionally. They just take the memory card and put it back in the packet of photos when you collect your snaps.

How to Make a Bully Feel Stupid?

How to make a bully feel stupid.

I feel stupid for asking this but what does it mean when my caller ID say's Invalid Number?

I think that is a number that is blocked and you cannot call back. Probably some sort of telemarketing scheme.

How do you turn on a hoover vacuum I'm use to a Kirby I feel stupid?

The waste goes to the sewar. From there it is sent to places where the treat it using three steps. Then they send most of it back to be reused in toilets and sprinklers. For more, go too google and... Read More »