I feel so weird, I can't seem to think or talk properly at the moment..?

Answer It's probably just a state of mind as opposed to a condition. Typically, brain tumors include vomiting in the package (so, if there's no vomit, I wouldn't worry). Feeling weird is part of being hum... Read More »

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How to Seem Weird Without Faking It?

So you see girls on TV or in magazines who are so off the wall, and every loves them. (but you still have haters with every style) this is how you be them.

How do i uninstall xp anti virus cant seem to get rid of it?

Nine people actually answered this question without knowing that XP Antivirus is a rogue antivirus brought in by a trojan infection.Here is a removal procedure for XP Antivirus: http://www.bleeping... Read More »

Can anyone help, i have got a sty in my eye and i cant seem to shift it.?

I cant seem to get rid of bull nettle that got on me, any answers?

pee on it....i know, it is freakin NASTY. but it is the only thing that works. my mom got it on her knee, and had to go to the hospital...i told her to pee on it before, but she wouldnt, so when sh... Read More »