I feel so sick and full what shall i do!?

Answer after about an hour you'll probably feel better if not drink some sage tea ... but if you never had sage before see if you can take it be carefull if you have any medical issues of on meds .. try t... Read More »

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I feel like Im getting a cold, how can I prevent myself from getting full blown sick?

2000 mg vitimin C is by far the best.Some people swear by Zicam, and Airborn.

I feel fine when my eyes are open but as soon as I close them I feel sick?

There is two reliefs you can do.Counter-top pushups.You stand in your kitchen, at the skin, feet together, feet back about 2-3 feet. Hands on the edge of the counter. Holding the sink also works be... Read More »

Why do i always feel sick?

Print your question and show it to your parents. They know you better than anyone. Ask them to help you figure out what is going on as you are truly scared. They care, trust me, they just do not re... Read More »

How to Feel Better After You Have Been Sick?

Ooh! Looks like this cat had to much to eat!Being sick is horrible. You feel depressed, weak and sickly afterwards, and this can last for ages afterwards. Here is how to feel better afterwards. (th... Read More »