I feel sleepy during the class hours?

Answer Its a common problem 2 all studentsSleep well at nights.....atleast for 8-9 hrsIf the lecture is interactive,try 2 answer the questions which ur faculty asks........Try 2 answer first b4 other stud... Read More »

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Why would you always feel sleepy in class?

Answer There are a few answers. One, is that you felt sleepy one day, and now, revisiting the same environment, your behavior is repeated. Two, something in the classroom cues you to feel sleepy: t... Read More »

How to Not Feel Sleepy?

Feeling Sleepy? Here are some tips that keep you from dozing off...

Why do I feel so sleepy?

Yes...U are over slept...u sleep alot and u stay lazy the whole day...The more u sleep the more ur body stays lathargic and more u want to sleep...9.30 am is whne u wake up...all the kids are at sc... Read More »

Why am I sleepy during the day How can I prevent it 10 pts :)?

Seems you answered your own question....your "sleep hygiene" is off. In particular, your sister is causing interruptions while asleep. I perform sleep studies and see these micro-arousals that will... Read More »