I feel really weak.. my joints are weak and its annoying to move them,,,?

Answer It could just be your body reacting to this period of inactivity, if you have been working out regularly without a break the body can experience a sort of withdrawal or shock. To be honest I would ... Read More »

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Why do my knees feel really weak?

this usually happens to people who stand and drink water.don't stand up and drink water.instead sit down because scientists have shown that standing and drinking water at the same time will give yo... Read More »

I sleep alot! and i always feel really weak?

This happened to me in high school a couple years ago, your body is just not used to the way you've been sleeping and eating and also the transition from summer to high school, you just go from liv... Read More »

How to Make a Treatment to Strengthen Weak Hair and Weak Roots?

This gentle hair mask treatment helps to strengthen weak hair and weak roots. This treament works at the hair follicles to help your hair grow stronger. I suggest using this treatment once every 2-... Read More »

If you are 39 weeks pregnant have a bad cold and feel very weak would there be problems if you went into labor and how would you be able to handle them?

Answer Keep in contact with your doctor and it's time to go in and see the doctor anyway if you are feeling so weak. Let the doctor delivering the baby worry about your cold and feeling weak. ... Read More »