I feel really really guilty about me getting my iPhone after my htc evo shift stoppedPlease no mean answers ..?

Answer It's good. It means you understand and appreciate what your parents did for you. A lot of kids with parents thay buy them iphones and other expensive things are spoiled and act like it is owed to t... Read More »

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Should I feel guilty about this?

It's only a week, you'll be fine. Don't let your work out routine control your life so much so you feel the need to feel guilt over missing a few days at the gym due to work. I wouldn't imagine it'... Read More »

I feel guilty for having a big breakfast?

You'll be fine. General rule: if you're gonna eat bad do it early morn. Your body has more time to burn calories

How to Overeat and Not Feel Guilty?

Have you ever had that feeling where you want to eat A LOT but you don't want to feel guilty about it afterwards?? Well, her is some things you can do to not make yourself feel guilty after you wan... Read More »

Should I feel guilty about my financial aid?

You might need it for school in the long run. I would put it in an account and don't touch it unless it is school related. As you further along your college career, you will have to get more expens... Read More »