I feel pressure in my mind and my ears and heaviness above and behind the eyes?

Answer I had much the same problems and wasn't able to find any results going through the dr.'s as well. Then I found out that I had tight neck muscles causing the problems. The neck muscles go to the t... Read More »

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I feel fine when my eyes are open but as soon as I close them I feel sick?

There is two reliefs you can do.Counter-top pushups.You stand in your kitchen, at the skin, feet together, feet back about 2-3 feet. Hands on the edge of the counter. Holding the sink also works be... Read More »

How to Relieve Pressure in Blocked Ears?

A blocked ear from pressure can result from a sinus infection, the common cold or an allergic reaction. Fluid and mucus can accumulate in the ear and cause an uncomfortable pressure. Fortunately, t... Read More »

Why do you feel like your wife's brother is stalking you or watching you out and why does he not mind his own business?

The answer to why you feel that you brother-in-law is stalking you is completely dependent on details of your situation and his and cannot be answered in this forum. Perhaps he is stalking you, pe... Read More »

Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind what does that mean?

It means that when you love someone that it doesnt matter what they look like but what is on the inside. And since Cupid is painted blind he doesnt love with his eyes but with his mind (he loves wh... Read More »