I feel like throwing up on my period?

Answer Oh sweetie I had the same problem when I was younger. I recommend that you tell your mother, or other adult female that you trust and have her take you to a gynocologist. The doctor can prescribe... Read More »

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Can you still be pregnant if you are 4 days late feel like throwing-up breast feel fuller and pee alot low sugar dissy tired headaches offon and have this chucky feeling in you throat but test was neg?

No, you can't. If the test is negative your are definitely not pregnant. Your hormones are just out of whack.

I started my period two weeks early and i have no cramps at all and its a very light period i feel sick though like wanting to throw up sometimes is this because of my period and why is it so early?

It could be a sign that you are pregnant.Your "period" might actually be implantation bleeding.You should wait and do a pregnancy test when your normal period is expected

Why do you feel like throwing up after sex?

Because you may be pregnant or the man tricked your mind of being pregnant.

I feel like throwing up, what should I do?

Just take deep breaths. Always helps me and don't think about puking it will make it worse think about something else to get it off ur mind. Lay down in bed and just breathe deeply in and out throu... Read More »