I feel like throwing up on my period?

Answer Oh sweetie I had the same problem when I was younger. I recommend that you tell your mother, or other adult female that you trust and have her take you to a gynocologist. The doctor can prescribe... Read More »

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Help! I feel like throwing up !!?

Acid reflux is curable with a more alkaline diet that requires a lot more fruit and vegetables.Sometimes yogurt every day helps as well.

What do you do if you feel like throwing up?

oh, good question. i like to place both my hands on a flat surface (like bathroom tile, for example), and put some effort into it. it seems that if you try hard to 'not' puke, you are prolonging ... Read More »

Why do you feel like throwing up after sex?

Because you may be pregnant or the man tricked your mind of being pregnant.

Why do i feel like throwing up everytime i eat?