I feel like i can't get enough oxygen into my body?

Answer I feel like you might be asthmatic. Check it with a doctor. Common asthma symptoms include:Coughing, especially at nightWheezingShortness of breathChest tightness, pain, or pressureDo you breathe m... Read More »

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Does your body really go into starvation mode if you don't eat enough calories?

When i breathe in after smoking, why does it feel like i cant hold my breath?

Your body is telling you to quit smoking. Why would you start again after quitting?

Why does it feel like my body is vibrating/ shaking?

Could be a blood pressure or blood sugar issue. Low blood pressure can make you dizzy and weak. low blood sugar can make you weak and shaky. Could also be your wild imagination though if your feeli... Read More »

Can you feel in your body that you are pregnant like by instinct?

I have taken a test it came up neg. but i feel in my heart that im pregnant im on my period now but i still have all the sypmtoms and top of all this i stop eating chocolate because it makes me nau... Read More »