I feel like i can't get enough oxygen into my body?

Answer I feel like you might be asthmatic. Check it with a doctor. Common asthma symptoms include:Coughing, especially at nightWheezingShortness of breathChest tightness, pain, or pressureDo you breathe m... Read More »

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Is water used as oxygen in the body?

Water is not used as oxygen in the body, nor can it replace oxygen in the body. However, the body does need water to breathe. The lungs need moisture to speed along the movement of oxygen into bloo... Read More »

What Do Our Body Cells Do With Oxygen?

Body cells use oxygen to transfer energy stored in food to a usable form. This process, which is called cellular respiration, allows the cells to harness energy to perform vital functions such as p... Read More »

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Molecules in the Body?

Oxygen in the body normally works near atmospheric pressure at sea level. Raising that pressure by a factor of two or three can generate dramatic effects manifest at a molecular level.

What controls oxygen levels in the body and breathing role?

I think Haemoglobin. That is why people with more Haemoglobin are considered more healthy and atheletic.