I feel like hurting myself?

Answer Hi Alex I think it's fair to say that everyone has been in your shoes. I know that your stressed out right now, but you have to know that this extra stress is really not going to help you, and hurt... Read More »

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I just ate meat and i'm a vegetarian and i feel so bad and i'm hurting what can i do?

just dont let it happen again. buil up your will power. you can do it. im sorry you ate meat!

I'm almost 39 weeks my doctor said the baby's head is not engaged but he can feel it He measureg you 39 twice for two weeks and only at an half centimeter how can i progress the labor tired of hurting?

Help to further pregnancy at 39 weeks I remembered what happened to me was that the doctor told me to walk and walk.. Go for a walk or walk in the store... Good Luck and Congratulations....

If you are 30 weeks pregnant and you know it is normal to feel tired but is it normal to feel so tired you feel achy and in the morning you feel fine again?

Answer Yes its normal. Its most likely the position the baby is laying in which is causing you to feel achy and his/her constant movement in your tummy is probably making you feel tired. However it... Read More »

I had a blood test yesterday from my back hand and now my back hand vein is hurting. Why is it hurting?

Whenever you have a needle stuck into a vein there is a degree of bruising. You may feel some discomfort for a few days but it will go. I have both given blood and also been cannulated many times a... Read More »