I feel like dieing?

Answer No, your ok dude. Just follow r.i.c.e. Rest. Ice. Compression(bandage) Elevate. you'll be fine.

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Is Sambuca supposed to make you feel like you're dieing, or have I been poisoned?

Sambuca really isn't a drink to get drunk on.And if you do want to catch a buzz, drink the Cafe Sambuca. Shots only.Then get creative. Maybe a chaser of Beer, Rum & Coke. Not gin or bf.. is dieing...?

Hey Mary Kate S,I can't imagine what you're going through. But my brother was born with an extremely rare heart problem so I've had to go through something similar, and I can understand how scared ... Read More »

I think i'm dieing!?

Go take an antacid right away.(By the way, the word "dying" is spelled D-Y-I-N-G.)

I think im dieing! please help me.?