I feel like I`v been ran over by a bus!!!?

Answer You must be putting too much strain on the joints or something. Try again to retrain yourself to sit properly. Ask your family or roommates to help remind you. If the pain continues, you should ... Read More »

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Does having a tattoo done feel like your being jabbed with a sharp pencil over and over?

people STOP getting tattoos!! It's so stupid & so permanent! Usually you grow out of them. Beyond those reasons, they are just so tacky & ugly.Honestly... our bodies are beautiful. STOP ruining the... Read More »

My temperature is low, and I feel like I'm on fire! I've been sick for awhile?

Go to the doctor!Sooner than later, thyriod condition can put stress on the heart, as it causes hypertension, if you already have a thyriod conditon, you should definitely go in immediately, and ch... Read More »

Is Sambuca supposed to make you feel like you're dieing, or have I been poisoned?

Sambuca really isn't a drink to get drunk on.And if you do want to catch a buzz, drink the Cafe Sambuca. Shots only.Then get creative. Maybe a chaser of Beer, Rum & Coke. Not gin or

My husband and I have been married for 3 years on Feb. 14. I feel like he loves me but he never says it.?