I feel like I should go into starvation mode to lose weight?

Answer It is never safe to do this, because your body responds to it by HOLDING ONTO the fat, an not wanting to let it go. I once did this, and when I did eat, I GAINED 5 pounds. In order to lose weight, ... Read More »

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I need to lose weight fast! starvation should I?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:1) The faster you loose weight the faster you will put it back on. The body has its own memory. It's called homeostasis. It remembers your last body state and ... Read More »

119lbs,14yrs,5'2, if I eat 500c for 3 days how much will I lose and will I go into starvation mode?

you might lose a pound or 2, partly from lack of salt since most everyone retains some fluids due to salt intake.3 days is hardly enough time to go into starvation mode.People in the hospital who a... Read More »

Does your body really go into starvation mode if you don't eat enough calories?

Dehydration - how much weight can I lose before I should be, ya know, checking myself into the E.R.?

If you are having a problem with dehydration you shouldn't be asking dimwits this question you should be at the hospital . As a general rule if your urine is dark colored you and you can't get enou... Read More »