I feel like 236 lbs! Pictures included.?

Answer You are not fat. If you want to tone your abdomen go ahead, but your body is pretty hot.

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How old do I look [Pictures included]?

I think you're a cutie ;) Meh I'm not really sure I'd guess anywhere from 14-16, but for a final answer 15.

How Old Do I Look (Pictures Included)?

Am I fat Pictures included?

not fat or overweightfat is like 300+ lbsyou guys are not even pushing 150.but - a good question - as it is easy to gain weight.remember - oil is 2X to gaining opposed to anything else.av... Read More »

Glasses Please help me! Pictures included.?

ur prettyyy :) i have juicy couture ones and they are plastic but look so pretty and i always get compliments when i wear them which i should do more often i always wear them when i dont feel prett... Read More »