I feel kinda dumb asking dis?

Answer caz u luked at porn din u!

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I feel really dumb asking this but i need to know, how long is a yard?

You're right--3 feet, or 36 inches (1 meter is about 39 inches).

I feel kinda stupid asking this, but my laptop's cd drive will NOT pop out when I press the button...?

There should be a pinhole on the face of the eject plate that you can push and release the drive.

Why the hell do people keep asking dumb questions?

Because that's what is all about ;)

Dumb hairdresser shaved off my sideburns without asking (I'm a girl). Will they ever grow out normally again?

Yes! They'll grow back. It won't take too long. They will start looking better every day. In one week they won't look so chopped off. In three weeks they will look almost normal again and they'll t... Read More »