I feel hopeless about my videos on YouTube :(?

Answer After having the [URL=] youtube views[/URL], I also fell lots of hopeless. You have to watch those videos which gives motivation to you. You can watch great football m... Read More »

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To all the ladies TTC...who are frustrated and feel hopeless, how long have you been TTC?

23 months, just went through my second chemical pregnancy in that time.I completely agree with you, for us girls who really have a hard time conceiving (as opposed to the girl who gets upset if it ... Read More »

What can I use that actually works to download youtube videos AND to convert youtube videos to MP3s?

It's completely free and you can convert these videos into mp3 also.

If youtube has banned copyrighted videos how come people are still reporting that they can view music videos?

Certain videos HAVE been banned - but not all - & if they HAVE been banned, you can search through & look for one that HASN'T been banned - cos they are out there.

I make youtube beauty/fashion videos and i'm doing a travel series, what videos should be in it?

Makeup bag, how you pack, things you pack (toiletries), beach bag maybe.good luck :)