I feel guilty for having a big breakfast?

Answer You'll be fine. General rule: if you're gonna eat bad do it early morn. Your body has more time to burn calories

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I had my son CIRCUMCISED now i feel guilty...?

Just let him know that when he's older you regretted what you did and you wish you could undo it. That's all you can offer him at this point, an appology and trust me that goes a long way.So many p... Read More »

Do men feel guilty for cheating?

It depends on the man, their view of the world and the circumstances of the infidelity. It is entirely possible for a person (man or woman) to cheat, and having gained the wisdom of going through ... Read More »

How to Overeat and Not Feel Guilty?

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Why do meat eaters not feel guilty?

You are talking about morals, Would your morals regarding animals be the same if the only drug that would save a close family member was tested on animals. Would you stand by your morals then. I th... Read More »