I feel guilty eating over 700 calories a day?

Answer Um.. your slowly killing yourself. You need to eat much more then that. I am 5'1 and am supposed to be eating at the very least 1200 calories a day to lose weight. Please, eat more. You will not su... Read More »

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How can you feel guilty for eating an animal?

Would you like to put the shoe on the other side?Seventh-day Adventist Christians preach the everlasting Gospel and keep the Biblical Sabbath(Saturday) day Holy. Sabbath School begin at 9:30am. Wor... Read More »

Why does eating "junk food" and processed foods and "Fatty foods" make one feel apathetic over time?

Hi. Well the main reason to eat food is to gain nutrients. It takes great bodily energy to digest and move food through the body, if the food fails to nourish as it passes through, then cells canno... Read More »

Do men feel guilty for cheating?

It depends on the man, their view of the world and the circumstances of the infidelity. It is entirely possible for a person (man or woman) to cheat, and having gained the wisdom of going through ... Read More »

I had my son CIRCUMCISED now i feel guilty...?

Just let him know that when he's older you regretted what you did and you wish you could undo it. That's all you can offer him at this point, an appology and trust me that goes a long way.So many p... Read More »