I feel faint and might pass out?

Answer This sounds like a combination of tinnitus and vertigo.

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Why do I feel faint and have a craving for chocolate?

chocolate especially the dark chocolate is very high in iron and also has quite a bit of Vit D in it. go eat your chocolate in the sun while walking to get exercise!!

Feel faint from dehydration or anxiety?

YES dear ; you are right its panic attack Drink LOTS of water and you will feel MUCH better

How to React when You Feel Faint During a Dissection?

When your teacher pulls out the specimen for dissection, it's easy for people to feel faint, dizzy, and nervous. Trust me, I know. If that's you, read on for helpful tips....

I feel like to faint, because my Grandma needs a peace maker for the heart, and she is scared to get it?

Hi there, I work in a cardiology practice and from time to time in a catheter lab. So I see this kind of work done all the time. You seem to have some mixed information in your question that leads ... Read More »