I feel dizzy when driving?

Answer yes, same with me. Try to open up your windows for some fresh air, Chew something hard and drink 7 Up. Smoking also helps but not advised.

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Why am I Dizzy and Unbalanced driving on highway and freeway?

Its possible that your vehicle may have a carbon monoxide leak. Leaking into the interior of the car. Are you dizzy and unbalanced when you are not in or driving the vehicle? I'd have it checked o... Read More »

I feel dizzy when I stand up?

Check your blood pressure and sugar level....consult a physaiton

Why do i feel dizzy everytime i get up?

Such head rushes are commonly caused by orthostatic hypotension as in…

Why do I feel dizzy when I stand up?

As far as I know, the blood stored in your body is quickly sent to your upper and lower extremities [arms and legs] when you stand up, and there's less blood/oxygen going to your head which leaves ... Read More »