I feel bored on the facebook ,how can i have more fun on it?

Answer Nonia, get off the computer and go and do something else that has nothing to do with Facebook. Go to the park, help the community, take a walk, go to the library, meet new people....getting off the... Read More »

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What should i do on facebook none of my friends have facebook none and I'm bored any ideas for me *thanks*?

join some applications... like tetris or typing race or even texas hold em poker... they are so addictive and they kill alota time on face book.... also, it would be a great time to make some new f... Read More »

Facebook bored?

I was addicted to face book, but its getting a bit boring now!

Whats some proxy websites to get on facebook because im bored in class?

Use a Personal VPN they are cheap, safe and secure

How do you feel when someone rejects you on facebook..................?

I feel awful, it depresses me when they reject me, i feel, well, rejected.He probably doesnt want you on because, he doesnt want you to see certain things, you know?hes afraid you might embarrass h... Read More »