I feel bored on the facebook ,how can i have more fun on it?

Answer Nonia, get off the computer and go and do something else that has nothing to do with Facebook. Go to the park, help the community, take a walk, go to the library, meet new people....getting off the... Read More »

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What should i do on facebook none of my friends have facebook none and I'm bored any ideas for me *thanks*?

join some applications... like tetris or typing race or even texas hold em poker... they are so addictive and they kill alota time on face book.... also, it would be a great time to make some new f... Read More »

Have you ever just wanted to leave the world I know I feel this way more and more?

Life is really tough! You have to be patient, people are mean, bad things happen, money is stressful, your job sucks, ect. ect. What you need to know is everyone in the world has problems and has s... Read More »

How to make a room have a more tropical feel?

Decorate in light breezy colors. Whites, off whites, soft blues or greens. Use gauzy light curtains (no heavy drapes) Bamboo room dividers, Sling type chairs. Large indoor trees with big leafs. Rat... Read More »

I feel really embarassed because I only have 35 friends on Facebook?

You really don't need a lot of friends on any site, or in life. What you really need is quality friends. Spending all your time add people so that you can watch what random people are doing each ... Read More »