I feel bad about my body :( :(?

Answer Don't know how old you are but breast size and shape changes naturally over time. My breast have always been small. I know it may bother you now. In a few years if it is still something you can't s... Read More »

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How to Feel Confident About Your Body?

An inch here, a pound there -- and suddenly you are not so confident about how your body looks. Weight fluctuates for most women and when the number on the scale is up, you may struggle to feel goo... Read More »

How to Feel Good About Your Body?

Everyone, no matter whether they be a girl or a boy, will look down at themselves one day and wish that what they see could be replaced by a body of a god/goddess or supermodel. So how can we feel ... Read More »

How do you feel about Liplicious Lip Gloss, from Bath and Body Works?

ok the liplicious for me is too fruity... but my favorite lip gloss of all time is the vicoria secret ones their sparkly and make your lips look so kissable ;)

How does Joe and Biddy feel about pip in great expectations feel about leaving to London?