I feel awful, any help?

Answer You could have a cold or a virus,you need to see how it develops, take a couple of paracetamol as that will help you...........

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I ruined my diet, I feel awful!?

It's fine.. Just stay on track. One cheat day won't hurt, I promise :) you didn't ruin your diet at all.

I rear ended someone and now feel AWFUL!?

Last time I checked, no one is perfect and accidents happen.Don't cry yourself into a deep state of depression.Your accident was one of life's lessons.Use it to your advantage and learn from the ex... Read More »

I failed to yield, and I feel awful. How can I cope with this?

Personally, I learned from my mistakes. My accidents include:15 years of age: Backing out of my driveway. For 5 years, no cars were ever parked on the curb behind my driveway. This time, there was.... Read More »

I had an affair while my husband was battling cancer.I feel awful.Should I tell him?

Don't tell him. Deal with your guilt yourself, don't try to make yourself feel better by hurting him. And don't do it again.