I feel a fool for asking but can someone explain to me what IMAO means please.?

Answer Well, after having been told 27 times what the answer is (when once would have done....!) we can all safely assume you now know what LMAO means.

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What it means to REBOOT a computerHow it is doneWhy and when please explain.?

Good day. Reboot simply means restarting your computer.Start-> Shutdown -> Restart.Boot means starting your computer.Dual boot meas 2 operating systems eg XP and 98 on one computer and u can boot f... Read More »

Can someone tell me what this means please?

HaHaI've noticed that nobody is answering this question. It's just because nobody knows what the answer is. I think it means that there is someone who wants "authorized" financial aid. I looked ... Read More »

Can someone please tell me what this symptom means?

Can you give a few more details. Like what type of work do you do? It could be strained from say heavy lifting repetitive motion. Is it your entire left side or your back?? The reason I ask my enti... Read More »

Can someone explain to me what HDMI is in English please?

High Definition Mutlimedia Interface. It has become the industry standard for transporting a perfect copy of your audio and video signal between devices such as TVs and surround receivers. HDMI use... Read More »