I feel Lower back pain and continue to feel like i need to pee?

Answer This could be Kidney Stones, Kidney infection or UTI... talk to you doctor.

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What does it mean to have extreme lower back pain and you can feel something moving around in your back?

I am not a doctor however pain in your lower back while pregnant can mean many things from labor, false labor, the baby pushing on a nerve, etc the best thing to do is see you doctor and if things ... Read More »

If you feel back pain, what exercises or stretches can you do to eleviate the pain?

Before you go rolling around in a ball on the ground consider if there's actual damage to your back or just normal tightness, then if you find it's more than just tight muscles, apart from consulti... Read More »

I had eletrotherapy for my lower back, can't feel it. It's been 7 hours?

Why does my lower back feel sunburnt with no exposure to sun?

It might be normal and you will be better as soon as you're not longer pregnant. You're almost doe, so all could be related to the nerves and everything, but if you're acting to the sun this wild a... Read More »