I face error every time when i install winxp2006?

Answer its usually cd problemduplicate the cd using different blank mediatry installing the duplicate

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I am not able to use IE. Every time I open it I get an error and once I click ok on the error IE closes?

you can do 3 things1. Format your c drive with bootable win.Xp cd2. U can use other browsers like chromeand firefox3. You can report it to microsoft by sending error report

Why is it every time i try to use my HP scanner it has to install it?

The reason is because you did not complete the initial install.Remove the USB cable from the scanner and power on the scanner. Begin to re-install the driver.Re-connect the USB to the scanner ONLY ... Read More »

Why do I have to set the time every time when I turn on the computer?

It sounds like your CMOS battery may not be working properly. You can buy a replacement.

How to i STOP face book sending me a mail every time somebody, comments, likes, wants to be my friend.... etc.?

Update your notifications settings as described in the link below