I face error every time when i install winxp2006?

Answer its usually cd problemduplicate the cd using different blank mediatry installing the duplicate

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I am not able to use IE. Every time I open it I get an error and once I click ok on the error IE closes?

you can do 3 things1. Format your c drive with bootable win.Xp cd2. U can use other browsers like chromeand firefox3. You can report it to microsoft by sending error report

Face book error:out of memory on line 26 or 31?

Rest assured, I'm pretty sure its only an internal FBook server problem. Cause if its happening to your computer AND mine, than something tells me it isnt our computers. And for me it just started ... Read More »

How do I fix run time error 75?

Fixing on a NetworkInspect the obvious for any problems: network cables, CPU switches and network drives. Ensure the server or computer hosting the concerned file is online. Once these obvious issu... Read More »