I eat mayonnaise straight out of the jar. Is that bad?

Answer I'd switch to Miracle Whip if I were you.

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Is it true that ranch dressing is even better for your hair than mayonnaise is?

only for the hairs that fall in your salad.

Ladies, I'm a straight very good looking guy. That said, would you date or like a guy that has a belly ring?

If my man had a bell ring I'd make fun of him for it but I'd still date him. ;) I think if you truly like a guy it wouldn't matter if he had a belly ring or not.

Anyone can name 3 foods that they like with Mayonnaise 3 foods that they like with Corn?

With mayo:Deli turkey sandwichHamburgers but with potatoes in itThere is a kind of fish in the chinese buffet downtown here where they pur mayo on it which I really like!With corn:I like butter on ... Read More »

How to Fix Bangs That Are Too Short Straight Across?

Bad haircuts can be traumatic, particularly in a noticeable location like your bangs. If you or your hairstylist accidentally cut your bangs too short straight across, there are a few things you ca... Read More »