I dyed my roots on thursday night, can I dye my hair on monday?

Answer you can dye it the same day goofball:)

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If i drank alcohol thursday and have an etg test monday would i pass?

I smoked at least 200 dollars worth of crack on monday and have to take a test on thursday will i be ok?

Cocain takes at least three days to exit your system but using high amounts might take longer also it depends on the type of test. For a ua give it at least four to five days. In the mean time I su... Read More »

Will the swelling from getting my wisdom teeth removed (yesterday/thursday) be gone by monday !?

Honestly, it depends. I got mine out Wednesday and I have such minor swelling that it is hard to even notice. I believe you should switch to a warm washcloth for swelling on the second day. Keep ta... Read More »

If a custody schedule is mandated by the court say Monday-Thursday what exactly does having primary custody give you for rights and obligations?

%REPLIES% Answer having primary custody means you are the custodial parent because you have the child for the majority of the time, (meaning more than 50%)in support court that helps alot, since yo... Read More »