I drunk whiskey yesterday morning...?

Answer it must know what we need to do now??? We need to get you on the talk show circuit. We need money to buy more booze.

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Was I drunk....birthday was yesterday?

So I got drunk for the first time yesterday?

Some people don't get hangovers. But it sounds like you are an annoying drunk.

I got stung by a bee yesterday n i woke up these morning n it was swollen n warmer the my others, wht do I do?

You had an allergic reaction, drink some benadryl first off. Second of all, you might want to put some ointment on the sting to kill any germs which might be lurking. Finally, if you so choose; see... Read More »

Got drunk and still throwing up next morning?

ethyl alcohol kills the symbiotic bacteria in the gut and is a diuretic . to achieve homeostasis you need to balance your electrolytes and re establish your gut flora . drink pedialyte or a spor... Read More »