I dropped my camera in the toilet!!!?

Answer Warrenties usually don't cover water damage, aw man... take the batteries out and let it dry for a few days and check on it, and if that doesn't work, make up an excuse... Just say "Hey whats with ... Read More »

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I dropped my camera in the toilet, is it fried?

the hair dryer is a very bad idea. It is better to suck the water out than to blow it into every tiny hole. You can keep trying the rice because it can't damage it more than it has already been.Goo... Read More »

I dropped my phone in the toilet, HELP?

Just like everyone is saying....take the battery and SIM card outand let everything air dry.NO NOT USE A HAIR DRYER ! ! ! The heat from the hair dryer will speed up the oxidation processand the fr... Read More »

I dropped my television in the the toilet?

two options, leave it in the sun until it dries, but if you pissed on it, it may smell funny so buy a new one. in the future you may consider taping the tv down. my only recommendation is not to ac... Read More »

So I dropped my iPhone 4 down the toilet. HELP!!?

Pull it apart and put it all on a towel in the airing cupboard works everytime :) although you changed it so may not work but go try it