I dropped my camera... broken forever!!?

Answer I'm sorry to hear about your camera. I hate that sick feeling when I drop something and just know it's ruined! Take it to where it was bought, with the battery, and ask their advice. If it needs... Read More »

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Auto focus broken after dropped camera?

The auto-focus is in the lens.Take your camera into a proper camera shop and mount another EF lens on your camera. See 1) if it works and 2) if there are any out of focus areas on one edge the ima... Read More »

So, got a can dropped on my foot, broken, bruised?

most likely a fracture, but it could be a bruise. i would go see the doctor.

My cell phone is broken. I dropped it dwn the stairs and now it won't work. Anyone know what is wrong with it?

Well, yes, I do know what's wrong with it. You dropped it down the stairs. That can do damage to the phone and the battery and the way they connect so that it won't turn on anymore. Go into an stor... Read More »

I dropped a heavy chair on my big toe and it's to painful to walk on... Is it fractured or broken?

I thiink it depends on how heavy the chair was. If it is broken u cant move it or walk oon it i know that for sure. Check with a doctor or wait awhile. One time i dropped a textbook on my... Read More »