I dropped my camera!! Help!!?

Answer Most likely not, sorry, if you dropped it and now there are lines on the pictures its probably an internal hardware problem which cannot easily be fixed, BUT try putting photos onto a pc via memory... Read More »

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I dropped my camera...Please help!?

Most likely dropping a camera 7 inches isn't going to affect but if it does you would usually notice it right away. Things that are usually damaged when a camera is dropped are the LCD screen, lens... Read More »

Dropped my camera HELP?

Camera dropped help!?

Once you " stuck the lense back in" you did more damage to it.All you can do is take it into a camera repair shop and see what it will cost.It may be that you need to buy a new camera.When you star... Read More »

I dropped my camera in the toilet!!!?

Warrenties usually don't cover water damage, aw man... take the batteries out and let it dry for a few days and check on it, and if that doesn't work, make up an excuse... Just say "Hey whats with ... Read More »