I dropped my 1.4 lens!!?

Answer How did you managed to drop your lens? Attempting to fix the lens is not a do it yourself project because there is more that can go wrong while trying to fix the problem. The solution is to send th... Read More »

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Can a digital camera lens that has been dropped be repaired?

Convex, concave. Seriously you can find this stuff in a book.

You dropped your Nikon Coolpix 1-2 ft L16 and the lens is stuck?

I dropped my Canon EOS 350D and the lens is stuck?

Fixing your own camera is a Not Do It Yourself Project because of not having the proper tools or knowledge to fix the problem. Plus the cost of repairs would most likely be greater than what the le... Read More »

PLEASE HELP, it's urgent! Dropped camera and lens is crooked, won't go back properly...?

Cameras are very delicate pieces of equipment. They can be killed very easily by either dropping them (especially onto something hard with the lens out) or by getting them wet (especially with sea... Read More »