I drink a glass of water and few seconds later I sweat a lot. Is this normal?

Answer Besides water, try drinking Gatorade. You need salt in your system.

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So we're meant to drink 8 glasses of water a day...but how big is the glass?

8 oz. or 1 cup. a total of 64 oz. I recently heard that you are supposed to drink half your body weight in water, so if you weigh 150 pounds then you would drink 75 oz of water or a little over 9 c... Read More »

Is it better to drink water from glass bottles rather than plastic?

If you leave your water bottles in a hot car a lot it is better to use glass instead of plastic. Otherwise, you can use BPA free plastic bottles with no worries.

Is it okay to drink vitamin water instead of taking normal vitamins?

Unfortunetly, vitamin water's name is deceiving since it contains hardly any vitamins. It basically is just sugar water, but if you like it, it'll cause no harm. It is yummy.Since you're healthy,... Read More »

What is the normal procedure at labour ward if water bag burst and the chances to baby to drink the water because my baby was cp baby now?

What do you mean as in CP? Cerebral Palsy? Did the use a suction machine or forceps to help your baby come out? As your baby grew inside of you it had mucus plugs in its nose and mouth, to seal t... Read More »