I drink 2/3 cup of GROUND COFFEE per day. How bad is this for me?

Answer Extremely extreme. Over 300mg of caffeine is not considered 'healthy' and that there is around 2000mg of caffeine. Over 10g of caffeine a day is considered lethal. That is already one fifth. Die do... Read More »

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Did you drink coffee this morning?

Not yet, I was hoping you'd make me some.

When you buy coffee beans, or pre-packaged ground coffee, how do you know if it's Arabica or Robusta?

Here's some hints to helping you find Arabica beans:If it doesn't say 100% Arabica, it probably isn't.If it costs less than $10, it's probably robusta.If it comes in a can, it probably is robusta.I... Read More »

Do coffee beans need to be ground to make coffee?

Coffee beans must be ground in order to make coffee. Coffee is brewed, meaning that hot water flows through the ground coffee beans, extracting oils and flavors on its way. In the case of espresso,... Read More »

I have an exam tomorrow and i nef to stay all night and study,pls explain how i can do this using coffee drink?

Try red bull, it's more energetic than coffee! It's not the healthyest thing in the earth but for one time you can drink it! It's more tasty than coffee and your teeth won't turn brown :DI'm kiddin... Read More »